Benedict is a freelance photographer whose work covers a range of areas.

He studied Art and Design at the University of Brighton, and at the University of Middlesex a Bachelor's degree in Art History and Literature with a study in Photography.

"I first started with photography at college, where I was studying Art and literature, with my first interest in Painting and drawing. Photography then was another way to capture in a similar way as drawing, a feeling a place or situation brings about within us. As much as seeing the construction of the event before us, the photograph seems to be able to allow a moment to breathe, open life, to reveal a part of life that is held but expands our discovery, feeling and sense for what is around us.  It is somehow a window and a mirror".

His work has been featured in international publications and media.

Clients include Dorling Kindersley, The Anatolian Friendship Association, Brighton Puppetry School, Steamer Trading Cookshop, David Andrews Media, Shepherd Compello, Luxe Brand Limited, EPG Insurance, HFM Columbus, .

For further information or requests for assignments, commissions, or for any questions , feel free to get in touch.

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